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Terms and Conditions

Our deliveries take place on Sunday. If you will not be home at the time of your delivery, please leave a large cooler with cold ice packs at your doorstep to ensure your meals stay cold until your arrival home.

Return/Refund Policy
At Julles Posh Food Co., we take great pride in the quality of our meals. We carefully inspect your order prior to delivery. Upon receipt, please inspect your purchase and notify us of any damage or dissatisfaction; we will arrange for a prompt replacement. Please note, due to food safety regulations, we will not accept returned food. Carefully review your order before you submit it to us; once your order is out for delivery, we will not honor refunds for ordering mistakes made by the customer.

Liability Agreement
Heating instructions are listed on each container. The client assumes responsibility for maintaining the health standards of the product upon receipt.  Please reheat all meals to 165 degrees. We are not liable for incorrect delivery addresses. Please double check that the delivery address is correct before submitting your order. We will make every effort to deliver to the correct address on the day of delivery. 

Privacy Statements
Julles Posh Food Co. is committed to respecting your privacy and recognizing your need for appropriate protection and management of contact information you share with us (the phrase “contact information” means any information by which you can be contacted, such as your name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, etc.). Julles Posh Food Co. will not sell or solicit any information without written consent. 

Snow/Inclement Weather Policy
When inclement weather impacts the normal operation of our delivery service, Julles Posh Food Co. will make every attempt to safely provide our services for our customers. We will also make every attempt to contact our customers to notify them in a timely manner regarding any changes in our services. During these challenging weather incidents, it is necessary for us to assess the safety of our delivery team, while giving the utmost consideration to our customers’ orders. Inclement weather conditions constitute any conditions which create unsafe or hazardous driving conditions. These conditions may include, but are not limited to, snow, ice, flooding, road closures and poor visibility. Indicators of these unsafe conditions could include community closures, weather alerts, news warnings, and public safety alerts. In snow conditions, roads or parking lots that have been unplowed or that require snow tires and/or chains will be considered an unsafe driving condition. As a means of being proactive for the needs of our customers and our resources, when Julles Posh Food Co. becomes aware of the threat of inclement weather the following may apply:

Threat of Storm/Hazardous Conditions
Delivery delays may occur if weather forecasts predict severe weather systems and/or we are in the midst of severe weather on Sunday. Every attempt will be made to prepare meals and make deliveries as soon as the weather clears. If we are unable to prepare your meals, your choice of either a full refund or store credit will be offered. 

Our intent is to be as proactive as possible.  If the forecasted inclement weather is severe enough to shut down operations, we will notify our customers by using their account information (phone or email).  We will also post updates on our website and/or Facebook page.