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Great Flavors… Low in Calories

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​Is a long-term commitment required?
No. We offer a simple, straightforward service with no long-term commitment. Forget about monthly contracts with Julles Posh Food Co.  You only order what you want and when you want.

Are there membership fees to join the meal program?

No, there are no membership fees for ordering our meals.  

When can I order my food?
Place orders at least 3 hours before pick up during restaurant hours. You may also call to check availability. 

How long does the food remain fresh?
Designed for freshness, from our gourmet kitchen straight to you. Once prepared in our kitchen, our meals are blast-chilled and vacuum-sealed at the correct temperature to retain the freshness longer. We suggest consuming salads within three days; all other food will remain fresh in your refrigerator for five to seven days if stored properly. We use 100% recyclable BPA-free containers which can be heated safely in a microwave or conventional oven. Heating instructions are provided on the containers.